The Batting Lab

Client - SAS / McCann
Role - Producer / Production Manager / LED Lighting Designer


The Batting Lab is a data driven sport interactive sports experience that re-imagined the way kids learn about data literacy. The Batting Lab was the recepient of several awards - ADC, CLIO, Effie, and Webbys, Shortlisted for 2023 Cannes Lion.

The goal of the experience was to get kids excited about data by recontextualizing the way data plays into their lives.Volvox Labs was responsible for everything from content production, fabrication, software development, art direction, and on site installation. Instead of looking at spreadsheets and boring graphs, The Batting Lab provided interactive data visualizations, amazing flashes of light and color when they hit a baseball, and a completely immersive environment for them to explore.

The Batting Lab gave students a material connection to their data: how they hit a baseball and how they are improving over time. These data points gave kids a reason to care about what the data really was telling them, and what that data means for them in the future. A completely bespoke learning experience, The Batting Lab emerges as a new approach combining interactive installation and long term narrative.

Learn more on about this project in the case study here.