The Beach - KUKA Robot Arm Permanent Installation 

Client - Roy Nachum / Mercer Labs Museum of Art and Technology
Role - Director of Production / Producer


The Beach is a Robot Performance permanently installed at Mercer Labs Museum of Art and Technology

VVOX was commissioned to create a unique robotic performance at the newly opened Mercer Labs in New York city. Our team developed the full experience over the course of 5 months including creative direction, motion control systems design, KUKA language programming, and installation of the robotic arm at the museum.

Learn more on about this project in the case study here.

From the artist: “THE BEACH” - Roy Nachum

In Nachum’s installation the Robot takes on the artists alter-ego, moving through different human emotions in the presence of natural elements. The robot takes on various roles, from human-like interactions, writing messages in the sand to mimicking natural elements to “wash” away the sand. These moments of innocence versa moments of intense emotion, connect viewer to nature and explore the implications nature and technology have on our mental state.