Gilad Dor

Interactive + Experiential  Producer

Currently at Volvox Labs

Multimedia Storyteller, Photographer, Filmmaker 



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Table For One

Table For One

1 Read instructions
2 Follow instructions
3 Re-live the experiences of dining-out

An instructional audio satire by* Gilad Dor & Nick Gregg

* created during a crisis

1  Make a cup of coffee

2  Walk to the other side of your kitchen

3 Wait 40 seconds, then take a step

4  Wait 2 minutes*, then take a step

5  Repeat until you reach your cup

6  Take one sip of the coffee

7  Pour it out

8  Repeat process

*  Annoying, right?

I wish they would just make up their mind and order already

1  Source your ingredients
Microwaved Bacon*
Hard Roll &

Cheese $

2  Make your egg% sandwich

3 Wait 2 minutes

4  Go to your bathtub and turn on the shower head

5  Sit on the rim of the tub

6  Take one sip of the coffee

7  While eating, let your back get sprinkled
*two days old
&moldy areas removed
$dealers choice
%burnt and sneezed on

1  Find some cardboard°

2  Create three 24”(w) x 32”(h) sheets

3 Arrange the sheets into a three panel display§

4  Place the display on the table around your bowl

5  Begin eating

6  Don’t look up until you have finished
° from your latest Amazon order¢
¢ when you crossed the picket line
§ science fair display

1  Go to your bathroom

2  Look in the mirror

3 Tell yourself,    

“I’ll have the regular”

1  Make portions for two

2  Bring your table outside

3 Position half of the table and one chair on the sidewalk

4  Set the table

5  Wait

6  Quietly focus on why they didn’t show up

7  Order dessert to-go

1  Make a bag of popcorn

2  Walk through your neighborhood

3 Scan the ground floor windows

4  Look for the flickering of a TV

5  Enjoy the show