Gilad Dor

Interactive + Experiential  Producer

Currently at Volvox Labs

Multimedia Storyteller, Photographer, Filmmaker 



Go by Kehinde Wiley
⟿ Eric Forman Studio
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Alive by The Living



Record Console

This is a record console I am building.

This console holds a record player on the top left and the amplifier on the shelf below it.The top right shelf is a space for your curated selection of records; each slot holding a record sleeve.The bottom two shelves give ample room for your records.

CNC milled plywood


Build Process

I started off with an ideation session on what were my reasonings for building this piece fo furniture; what I was trying to accomplish. Firstly I needed to build a space for my record player and my record to live. After that was trying to understand what were my goals. Did I want to learn things I didn’t know on the CNC? Try new processes with the finishing of the wood? New types of wood? I went through an ideation session and isolated down a timeline and genereal direction that I wanted to take the design.

I orginially drew the different pieces of the console in Vector works, as that is where I was most experienced in CAD. After doing my first pass, I decided that I wanted to make the entire CAD + CAM of the console in Fusion360. I moved to Fusion and redrew the piece and and put them together.

As with most CNC jobs there comes issues with the CAM interfaces with the CNC properly, there is a multitude of settings that can go awry, including a pandemic hitting and having to pause the project indefinitely.