Gilad Dor

Interactive + Experiential  Producer

Currently at Volvox Labs

Multimedia Storyteller, Photographer, Filmmaker 



Go by Kehinde Wiley
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Alive by The Living



Predictive Policing Awareness Machine

A critical object based around the idea of a feedback cycle, where data that has an innate bias is continually fed into a system where the output seems uncontaminated but in reality contains remnants of the biased data within it.

Created with Morgan Mueller

This work is an organic representation of those black box systems. Having a dropper of durian essence, an extremely pungent fruit that can fill a room quickly, fall onto a flower which acts as the output of the system. The liquid then creates an odd sensation where a flower which is usually associated as beautiful and pleasant smells becomes revolting.

The final piece of the system is that the flower has a chance of falling into a blender shredded to a yellow pulp. This is partially to make a statement about how the American criminal justice system can be a crap shoot and to say that the justice system can have permanent effects on those who fall into it for one reason or another. Working around the topic of systemic bias, more specifically that of predictive policing and their use of artificial intelligence. This piece from ProPublica regarding systemic bias in these systems was eye opening to us and helped to shape the framework of the awareness machine we created.