Gilad Dor

Interactive + Experiential  Producer

Currently at Volvox Labs

Multimedia Storyteller, Photographer, Filmmaker 



Go by Kehinde Wiley
⟿ Eric Forman Studio
⟿ Sheer Appearances
Alive by The Living



Fever Dream

Fever Dream is an immersive installation that questions:
how can you experience memory; someone else's and your own?

Incorporating a narrative sequence displayed through a light sculpture with audio being played in a quad system around the light sculpture; the narrative is intended as creating the circumstances for an induced out of body experience.

1000 LEDs are controlled through MadMapper running the narrative sequence with a Quadraphonic 4-Channel spatial audio sequence controlled through Ableton-Live running simultaneously.

Fever Dream was installed in NYU ITP’s 2019 Winter Show.

Created in collaboration with Nick Gregg