Gilad Dor

Multimedia Storyteller, Photographer, Filmmaker 

Currently seeking work in interactive & experiential design, large-scale LED installation, research based design practices, and storytelling opportunities.



⟿ The Organic Utility Pole
⟿ Fever Dream
⟿ The Box
⟿ Predictive Policing


Go by Kehinde Wiley
⟿ Sheer Appearances


⟿ Bedside Table
⟿ Record Console


⟿ Portraiture
⟿ Cyberspace Trailblazers
⟿ Take Me By The Wrist
⟿ America In A Disposable
⟿ Travel


⟿ A New Type of Pain
⟿ Positive



Take Me By The Wrist

Written By Anna Nolda Nagele

Editorial photo-assignment for the article Take Me By The Wrist by Anna Nolda Nagele; for Adjacent an online journal of emerging media published by the Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Anna Nagele explores the complex choreography that exists between humans and data collecting wearable technology. With a focus on the Smart Watch, the article walks us through the different ways in which wearables influence us, and drive us to engage in certain behaviors. While these devices claim to promote a healthier lifestyle, this article dives into the potential issues that arise with these smart companions, and different ways we can evaluate our relationship with them.

Read the article here