Gilad Dor

Multimedia Storyteller, Photographer, Filmmaker 

Currently seeking work in interactive & experiential design, large-scale LED installation, research based design practices, and storytelling opportunities.



⟿ The Organic Utility Pole
⟿ Fever Dream
⟿ The Box
⟿ Predictive Policing


⟿ Moynihan Train Hall
⟿ Sheer Appearances


⟿ Bedside Table
⟿ Record Console


⟿ Portraiture
⟿ Cyberspace Trailblazers
⟿ Take Me By The Wrist
⟿ America In A Disposable
⟿ Travels


⟿ A New Type of Pain
⟿ Positive



Go by Kehinde Wiley - Moynihan Train Hall

Go is a permanent installation by the artist Kehinde Wiley in Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station. The piece is a stained glass artwork, with LED back-lighting mimicking sunlight to illuminate the glass.

The local fabrication studio handling the structural build of the lighting brought me onto the team to redesign the control systems for the LED lighting as the original design was failing. Other roles that I filled were fabricating and building all of the LED panels and connectors for the panels, as well as leading the assembly of the control systems for the LEDs.

Read about the installation in this NY Times article, where these photgraphs by Andrew Moore are from.